Business Planning The Easy Way

How to write a business plan

Being a business owner can sometimes feel like you’re running non-stop on a treadmill, with an endless list of tasks and responsibilities. But, imagine if you could step off this treadmill and start steering your business with purpose and direction. The secret ingredient? Smart planning!

Let me share some straightforward steps based on what has worked for me and the business owners I’ve coached. This way, you can create a plan that helps your business grow and lets you enjoy the ride.

Understanding the Power of Planning

– Why Planning Matters: It helps you see the big picture, so you’re not just caught up in everyday tasks. It’s like having a map for a road trip.

The 90-Day Planning Cycle

– Breaking It Down: Instead of thinking years ahead, we focus on the next three months. It’s easier and keeps you focused.

– Choosing Three Big Moves: Think of three main things you want to achieve in these 90 days. Keeping it to three helps you stay focused without getting overwhelmed.

Setting SMART Goals

– What Are SMART Goals?:

  – Specific: Your goal should be clear. Instead of “make more money,” think “increase sales by 10%.”

  – Measurable: You should be able to track your progress. Knowing exactly how close you are to your goal keeps you motivated.

  – Achievable: Make sure your goal is something you can realistically accomplish.

  – Relevant: Your goals should matter to your business and help it grow.

  – Time-bound: Have a deadline. This makes sure you work on it now, not someday.

The most important part

Visualising Success

Imagine You’ve Achieved Your Goals: Mentally place yourself in the future. Picture your business after reaching these goals. 

Then Ask yourself: What would I have sorted out to get here?

What does it look like? How did you get there? This helps you figure out the steps you need to take.

List out everything that comes to mind and build your roadmap

 Making a Roadmap: These smaller tasks become your guide for the next 90 days. Each one brings you closer to your big goals.

The Benefits of This Approach

I used to build plans from the present and map out the steps to get to where I wanted to go. I found somewhere about a third of the way through that I would be way off track.

By mentally going to the finish line and working backwards my plans are way more robust.

Tips for Success

– Review Regularly: Look at your plan often to stay on track. Adjust if you need to.

– Celebrate Wins: When you complete a task or reach a goal, celebrate! It keeps you motivated.

– Keep It Simple: Don’t over complicate your plan. The simpler it is, the easier it is to follow.


Planning might sound a bit boring, but it’s actually a super powerful tool to help your business grow. By setting clear goals, breaking them down into steps, and keeping track of your progress, you can achieve amazing things. Plus, you’ll feel more in control and less stressed. So, let’s get planning and make your business dreams come true!

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