Case Studies

What previous attendees had to say

Reeve Law

Craig from Reeve law joined BGB because he wanted to work less and earn more. At his first annual planning session, he set a lofty goal of doubling and doubling team size in the year ahead. Craig has applied a number of growth strategies particularly around increasing repeat business he has made two hires and six months into his plan is ahead of his double-double target.

A Squared Tutors

Alana is one of our founding members and owns a growing tutoring business. Alana is dedicated to the Great Business, Great Life philosophy and has been deliberate about building the business in a way that gives her more free time. Alana has used the BGB 5 hour recruitment process to bring on more tutors and support staff. Alana’s biggest success came in June when she was able to take 9 weeks away from the business and hangout in Greece. During this time, she won the Sydney Morning Herald young entrepreneur of the year award.

Muscle Writer

Copywriting for the fitness industry

Annie from Muscle Writer joined the BGB profit club program not long after starting her business. With the uncertainty of leaving a job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, Annie threw herself into the program and implemented everything she learned. In Just six months after starting, Annie has replaced her old income and is in the process of building a team.

True Projects

Commercial Construction and Fitout

Kane started BGB because he wanted to grow his leadership skills. After some stellar growth he found himself in charge of a senior leadership team and needed to grow as a CEO and Chairman. Not long after starting with BGB, the business was facing some headwinds with sales slowing down. Through his 90 day plan, disciplined leadership and the strengthening of company culture, True is about to have their biggest quarter yet.

Melotti Media

Copywriting Agency

When Chris started his membership he had a growing agency but the business relied too heavily on him and was working month to month to break even. Chris took advantage of the ‘second seat’ and brought his operations manager to each BGB monthly event. The pair together set about implementing the strategies they learned in the program. Chris had special focus on increasing average dollar sale. In just 4 months they were able to double monthly revenue, and Chris is now working 30 hours less per week.


Andrew Zbik
Senior Financial Adviser at CreationWealth

Employal Recruitment

Leeza Bright
Director of Employal Recruitment

Bobbi’s Pole Studio

Vanessa Brecht
Founder of Bobbi’s Pole Studio

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What previous attendees had to say