Elite entrepreneur program by BGB

It’s not just a course, it’s a community

The BGB Elite Entrepreneur Program

Planes Community | Building Great Businesses
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Without peers to guide you and hold you accountable, it can be hard to know if your business is performing as well as it could be, let alone as well as it should be.

By joining the BGB Elite Entrepreneur Program, become a part of a highly motivated community of like-minded business owners who will push you, celebrate you, and help your business grow.

Elite entrepreneur program by BGB

How the program works

The BGB Elite Entrepreneur Program’s exclusive membership is made up of business owners who dare to be great. Connect with coaches and peers who will push you to realise your potential.

Monthly workshop

The monthly workshop is where the magic happens. This is the core of our program.

Education sessions:

Receive expert training on a variety of topics, from common business issues to leadership and personal development. 


Listen to speakers from a range of industries and backgrounds as they share their knowledge, insights and recommendations. 

Goal setting:

Monthly, quarterly and annual goal setting provides structure and accountability for your business. 

Performance reviews:

Regularly review key performance indicators, including your goals and KPIs, ensuring you stay on course. 

Community support:

Enjoy support and understanding that can only be found among business owners with shared ambitions.

Elite entrepreneur program by BGB

Included resources

Asset: Red Plane 2 | Building Great Businesses

Online courses

Extend your business education with access to extraordinary online courses, all endorsed and vetted by our expert coaches.

  • 30X Your Business
  • 30X Your Life
  • Business Basics
  • Entrepreneurial Growth Series
Asset: Red Plane 2 | Building Great Businesses

Tools & templates

What sets our resources apart? 1000s of hours of self-education and experimentation by our coaches has been distilled down into our exclusive library – for you. 

  • Time-saving templates
  • Instructional documents and videos
  • Discussion forums to connect with your board and peer groups
  • The Book of the Month

Asset: Red Plane 2 | Building Great Businesses

Peer to peer

The BGB Peer Partner Program is what elevates us beyond simple business coaching. Learning from the successes and mistakes of other members in your peer group is invaluable. 

  • Brainstorm ideas and workshop solutions with motivated business owners
  • Hold each other accountable and congratulate each other on your successes 
  • Learn different perspectives and meet people from other industries
  • Use the enthusiasm of the group to drive your own passion and progress

Join the BGB Elite Entrepreneur Program and completely transform your business in less than 12 months.