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Stephen O’Sullivan

Owner of LTrent – 88 Franchises
Global Leader in Profit Club and Membership

Coach Stephen O'Sullivan | Building Great Businesses

Stephen has achieved hands-on  real world success with building great businesses. In 2011 he took over as General Manager of Ltrent Driving School where he was tasked with turning the ailing business around. Once this was achieved Stephen bought the business and set about transforming the business model by expanding  geographically  and turning it into a franchise business.

Today Stephen is still the owner of Trent Driving School which boasts 88 Franchisees, operates across 3 states and has a general manager in place. This means that the business runs profitably with only 45 minutes of his time each week. Stephen has spent over $350K on his business education. Having done it himself, Stephen has a track record of coaching others to prepare for and appoint a general manager so that the owner can step away.

When not helping business owners build great business, Stephen can be found out on Sydney harbour fishing on his boat. Stephen enjoys skiing all over the world, playing golf and is always looking forward the next holiday with his family. It’s the philosophy that we build our business to give us life and not the other way around that guides Stephen.

Since stepping into the world of business coaching and achieving success in one on one coaching, Stephen wanted to help more people and make the benefits of coaching within reach of every business owner. Teaming up with Andrew Laurie was the ideal partnership to achieve the mission of helping thousands of business owners build great businesses. Stephen and Andrew have a shared vision of what business can be and should be and this led to the BGB goal of adding a billion dollars to the Sydney economy through the growth of the members businesses.