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How to Step Back Into the Driver’s Seat of Your Business?

Do you feel like life is a little out of control? You started this business because you wanted to take control. Instead the business seems to be controlling you.

You’re feeling trapped, burnt out, you’re not making the money you’d hoped you would make and you’re feeling as though the business is a little rudderless – there’s no direction.

What happened?

More than likely you threw everything at the business. Every single part of yourself. Your time, your expertise, your money, your beliefs – everything. In fact, you’ve thrown so much at it, you’ve ended up becoming consumed by it.

Don’t worry. There’s a way out. If you’ve lost direction both personally and professionally, it’s likely you need to follow the six steps to building a better business.

And where better to start than at Step 1: Mastery.

Mastery is about taking control of the chaos in your mind and your business. There are four elements to this foundational step. As business coaches, we uncover any mastery gaps when we do an initial analysis of a business.

Plugging these gaps based on these elements will lay the groundwork for moving your business forward.

Let’s explore each of these elements in detail and start the transition from chaos to control.

  1. Destination Mastery – You can’t work out where you want your business to go if you don’t know what you want the end result to be so start with the end in mind. Think about your goals for the business and where it’s headed. Those goals will set the compass direction and give you back control of the ship.
  2. Money Mastery – Money mastery isn’t just about making money. It’s about understanding where your money comes from and more importantly, where it’s going. Often, bad habits are formed early on in business when there isn’t much money. If you don’t master the money side of things when running a small business, your problems are only going to multiply as the numbers get bigger.
  3. Delivery Mastery – Without customers, you have no business. It’s not rocket science but we see many business owners forget that the delivery of their product or service – supply, quality, ease of purchase – is paramount to future growth. No matter what you sell, no matter what your business does, you are in the customer service business. And if you’re no good at it, word will spread like wildfire.
  4. Time Mastery – Effectively managing your time will ultimately underpin not only the growth of the business, but your own personal growth. Getting control of your time decreases stress levels and allows you to step back and OVERSEE the business from the helm. Analyse the tasks you need to complete that are essential to the growth of the business, plan how and who is going to complete those tasks, empower your staff by delegating and practice self-discipline in managing your own responsibilities and tasks.

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