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Great Business, Great Life

Owning a Great Business, So you can live a Great Life

Owning a business comes with risks and hard work, but the expectation is that it offers choice and freedom, including financial and time freedom, which can lead to a great life. Unfortunately, not all business owners achieve this goal, as they may get stuck working in their business all the time or may not make enough money to support their lifestyle.

However, through a disciplined implementation of a 6-step process, you can create a business that runs without you and produces great income for you. This process only requires completing the first four steps. Once you have accomplished this, you can achieve the great business, great life balance you desire.
To begin, it’s essential to be clear about what a great life looks like for you. It may include spending time with family, skiing, playing cricket, and rock climbing. Your definition of a great life may be different, but by understanding what it looks like, you can work out what the great business needs to deliver.

Members of BGB have varying answers to what their great life looks like. Some want to travel, while others prioritize family experiences, buying a bigger house, or owning a specific car. The key is to be intentional and plan systematically, laying out the four necessary steps to achieve your desired outcome. There may be 30 to 50 specific things you need to put in place, but some are quite small.

Once you have put these steps and measures in place, you will achieve a reliable level of income that will deliver a business that works without you. In the beginning, you will be able to step out of the business for a month or two. But soon enough, you may choose to take longer breaks or even relocate to a different country to live your best life.

In conclusion, owning a business can offer many rewards, including financial and time freedom, but it takes a disciplined and intentional approach to achieve it. By following the steps outlined above and being clear about what you want, you can build a great business that delivers a great life.

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